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Updates: Audio Award, Minerva’s Den, New Translations, and EDGE!

Hi all! It’s been another busy few weeks. Some exciting stuff has gone on! IndieCade Audio Award! We attended IndieCade 2013 in LA, where Gone Home was a Finalist in their yearly awards. And we were humbled to be the … Continue reading

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Slabtown Grrrl Front!

Working on Gone Home has given us some really unique opportunities. For instance, due to the inclusion of classic Riot Grrrl music, our most recent trailer got featured by Rookie Mag and Bitch Media, which was really exciting for us. … Continue reading

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Unexpected Reference

Gone Home presents an interesting situation for an environment artist. Usually the spaces we’re tasked with creating are locations and time periods we might have very little personal experience with – space freighters, mythical temples, high tech labs, etc. Outside … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from The Fullbright Company!

To celebrate our first holiday season together as a studio, we made a special card to send out to friends and family. It’s wintertime at the house on Arbor Hill! And who’s that, looking so festive on the front step? … Continue reading

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Exploring a Portland Landmark’s Past

A couple of weeks ago, the Fullbright team was invited by Cabel Sasser of Panic Inc. to visit the basement of the building their servers are housed in. Which sounds like an odd proposition, until you know that their servers … Continue reading

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