About The Fullbright Company

The Fullbright Company is an independent video game studio founded in Portland, Oregon in March, 2012. Its co-founders are Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja.





In the past our teammembers have worked in various capacities on BioShock 2, Minerva’s Den, XCOM, and BioShock Infinite. Our closest collaboration was on the small team responsible for the Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2, of which Steve was the writer and design lead.




In August 2012, Kate Craig joined the Company full time, handling Environment Art duties. In August 2013 we released our first game, Gone Home, for PC, Mac & Linux.



In 2014, Johnnemann started his own company. The remaining members of the Company are continuing to make immersive story exploration video games as simply Fullbright. Thanks for giving us a look!