Hands-On Impressions

Steve talks to the Big Sushi podcast about The Fullbright Company, AAA vs. indie game development, and Gone Home

“I was a teenage girl in 1995” – AdventureGamers

“I experienced something extraordinary. The game wasn’t just allowing me to be someone else; it was illuminating parts of myself.” – Gamespot

Some sort of cheeky, gilet-wearing shaman – The Guardian

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“Warm, funny and disarmingly tender.” – PC Gamer

“In many ways, this could be the house where I grew up, and that’s what makes Gone Home’s mystery so much more compelling.” – PCGamesN

Interview with the team – PC Gamer

“So much of who we are can be extracted through a close examination of the things we surround ourselves with, and the things we choose to hide from the world. I’ve never before experienced this in a video game, and honestly, I never thought I would.” –

Early Coverage

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