Introducing Fullbright

Hi all,

Recently, we told you about Johnnemann starting his own company. Today, we’re excited to announce what the rest of The Fullbright Company is up to. We’ve streamlined our name and have a brand new logo. We’ve started work on our next game. And we want to hire you.

Introducing: Fullbright.

Going forward we are simply Fullbright, and will be continuing our focus on creating immersive, unforgettable story exploration video games. Currently Fullbright is myself, Karla, Kate, and our old friend Tynan who we first worked with as a level designer on BioShock 2. We’re also incredibly excited to be working with Patrick Balthrop of Interactive Sound & Fury who was a sound designer on BioShock and the audio director of BioShock Infinite, and our friend Chris Remo of Campo Santo, who plans to create the original score for our next game as he did for Gone Home.

But, doing the math, you may notice we’re missing a couple of important roles. One is an experienced and multitalented programmer to bring all this to life; the other, and this is new to us, is a world-class character animator. We’re beginning the search. Could one of these be you? If you’ve shipped great work in one of these roles, and have the passion to create experiences like those we gave players with Gone Home, please check out our job listings and apply!

We’d like to thank Hannah Bown, our summer programming intern, who we’ll be sorry to see go back to school, as well as Thomas Bradley who did our fantastic new logo treatment, and Chris Remo once again for setting up another slick website for us.

Cheers, all! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to…



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