Gone Home is NOW AVAILABLE on Xbox One & PS4!

[UPDATE 1/12: Happy Gone Home: Console Edition launch day! Gone Home is NOW AVAILABLE on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America!

[UPDATE 2/3: After working through an unfortunate delay, we’re very excited to announce that Gone Home will officially be available on PS4 & Xbox One in territories outside the US–including the UK, Europe, Brazil and Russia–on Friday, February 12! Once again, we apologize for the delay, and can’t wait for you all to get your hands on the game very soon.]

Hi all!

Been a while, but we’ve got some exciting news today: Gone Home is finally coming to consoles– and in just a month! I recorded a very special message about it.. check it out below!

I think the above video pretty much says it all– but let me just say how excited we are to put the game in front of a whole new audience of players. Ever since Gone Home came out we’ve wanted to be able to bring it to people who maybe aren’t PC gamers, or don’t have a good enough computer, or who just want to play in their living room, maybe to share the experience with a friend or loved one from the comfort of their couch. Our goal wasn’t to add or change things, but just to bring the game that players know & love onto consoles in the best possible form we could.  We’re really excited for you all to get your hands on it!

See you in January :-)



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Introducing Fullbright

Hi all,

Recently, we told you about Johnnemann starting his own company. Today, we’re excited to announce what the rest of The Fullbright Company is up to. We’ve streamlined our name and have a brand new logo. We’ve started work on our next game. And we want to hire you.

Introducing: Fullbright.

Going forward we are simply Fullbright, and will be continuing our focus on creating immersive, unforgettable story exploration video games. Currently Fullbright is myself, Karla, Kate, and our old friend Tynan who we first worked with as a level designer on BioShock 2, as well as our two newest hires– Noël Clark, our Animator, and Leon Hartwig, our programmer (and another former 2K Marin cohort!) We’re also incredibly excited to be working with Patrick Balthrop of Interactive Sound & Fury who was a sound designer on BioShock and the audio director of BioShock Infinite, and our friend Chris Remo of Campo Santo, who plans to create the original score for our next game as he did for Gone Home.

Want to know all about our team, and keep up with future developments? Keep an eye on our company blog: blog.fullbrig.ht

Finally we’d like to thank Hannah Bown, our summer programming intern, who we’ll be sorry to see go back to school, as well as Thomas Bradley who did our fantastic new logo treatment, and Chris Remo once again for setting up another slick website for us.

Cheers, all! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to…


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Gone Home Retail Special Edition now available!!

Hi all!

When we were working on Gone Home, I don’t think we ever imagined that the game would be available as a physical version, in a box we could hold in our hands. It was a downloadable game, plain and simple. But now, thanks to the folks at Headup and Merge Games, Gone Home has entered the physical realm! And it is NOW AVAILABLE from our own Topatoco shop (support the devs, and save on shipping if you’re in North America!) and from the Merge Games website (for our UK & European friends!) And this isn’t just the installer on a DVD (though it does have that)– it’s a special deluxe edition that includes a whole bunch of extras! Check’em out:

Gone Home unboxed!

What is all this stuff?? The Gone Home Retail Special Edition includes:

  • Gone Home DRM-free for PC/Mac/Linux on DVD, as well as a free Steam key
  • The full Gone Home Original Soundtrack (The GH:OST) by Chris Remo, plus all of the audio diaries from Gone Home in MP3 format!
  • A Gone Home cassette tape logo sticker
  • The 40-page “Designer’s Notebook” filled with notes and sketches from the development of Gone Home
  • Fold-out poster of the cover of Sam & Lonnie’s zine!

First off is the box itself, done up as an homage to the games of the 90s in classic faux SNES-style packaging. We had a lot of fun riffing on the design:

Gone Home box exterior


The DVD case is adorned with Aleks Sennwald’s fabulous Lisa Frank-inspired binder art, in glorious high-resolution:

The Gone Home vinyl sticker is perfect for slapping on your OWN school notebook, instantly turning you into one of the cool kids:

Cassette LogoThe fold-out poster is an oversized reproduction of the cover of Sam & Lonnie’s zine, GRRRL JUSTICE NOW, awesomely brought into the real world:

And finally, there’s the Gone Home Designer’s Notebook. During the development of Gone Home, I wrote out all my notes, story ideas, maps, and sketches for the making of the game in a pair of notebooks, resulting in a document of the evolution of the game as it was built. For this special edition, we’ve scanned 40 pages of those notebooks and included them in this booklet, hopefully providing some new insight into how the game came to be. Check out the intro page, plus a couple of sample pages…

GoneHomeDesignersNotebook_InsideCover GoneHomeDesignersNotebookSample


So, I know WE’RE super psyched to get our hands on the physical version of Gone Home (our copies are still in the mail!) Hopefully this stuff looks as awesome to you as it does to us– if it does, grab a copy of your own from our Topatoco store, or the Merge Games page! Thanks again so much for playing.. when you get your box, send us some pics! Would be awesome to see where some of those stickers and posters end up…!




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A new company from one of The Fullbright Company’s founders

Hi all,

Bet you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to! Well, here’s one piece of big news: We want to congratulate Johnnemann, one of our co-founders, on the announcement he made today! He’s starting a new company, Dim Bulb Games. We wish him all the best, and can’t wait to see what’s to come. Give @DimBulbGames a follow on Twitter to keep up with his latest developments.

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Holy cow: BAFTA and Game Developers Choice awards!

Things have been quiet here for a couple of weeks, but for good reason: we’ve been traveling, and we’re incredibly proud and grateful to have been honored with two major awards:

We were awarded Best Debut in both the BAFTAs and the Game Developers Choice Awards!

We take both of these as incredible honors. The British Academy Awards are such an institution, and we had a wonderful time dressing up in our tuxedos and evening gowns to attend the awards:

We never imagined we’d have one of these masks on our shelf… nor a GDC Award at that! The Game Developers Conference has been a huge part of all our professional lives, and so to be up in front of all those people in the industry who have inspired us to make games, and receive this kind of recognition, is just phenomenal.

GDCAcceptance(Above: the standout moment when Kate stepped forward to thank her wife, Emily. Hi Emily!)

We just want to say again, thank you to our parents and families, our friends and loved ones and peers in the industry who have all made these moments possible. There’s no way this could have happened without every person who’s supported and encouraged us over the years and throughout the development of Gone Home. You have our unending gratitude.



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