Gone Home: Console Edition Interview, Livestream & Podcast Roundup

As of today, Gone Home: Console Edition is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 throughout North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia and more! It’s been a long road getting us here, but we couldn’t be more overjoyed that console gamers around the world finally have their hands on our little game.

For the launch of Gone Home on consoles, Steve did a number of video interviews and podcasts– and the team at Fullbright even sat in on a full livestream of the game on PS4! To celebrate the game being available in expanded territories, we thought we’d round up some of that exciting stuff here for your convenience. If you’ve played Gone Home and can’t wait to hear more about how it was made, there’s a ton of great stuff here:


Kicking off, Steve, Karla, and the team at Fullbright got together on the couch and did a full, developer-commentated playthrough of Gone Home: Console Edition! Hear exciting and stupid stories about the making of the game. Spoilers galore! But if you’re a fan of Gone Home, this live playthrough will give you a ton of new insight– and hopefully a few laughs.

Steve headed over to the Kinda Funny house and did a really great, long-form interview with the illustrious Greg Miller. It’s a 2+ hour discussion about how Steve got into games as a child, how that led to his entry into the video game industry, and how that brought us all the way through Gone Home, its reception, and on to work on Tacoma. Special appearance by Gary Whitta’s Spotted Dick.

Steve also spent a day at IGN! He was on Podcast Unlocked, talking the design philosophy of Gone Home, Xbox predictions for the year to come, and more.

He also spent some time with Mitch & Dan on the Overclocked podcast, talking PC gaming, XCOM 2, and making an impassioned case for the underappreciated classic Silent Storm.

And for our UK friends, Steve chatted with the God is a Geek podcast about his career, Walking Simulators, cheap jump scares, and Gone Home spoilers.

Last, but certainly not least, Steve was in The Lobby with Danny O’Dwyer at Gamespot, doing possibly the most surreal interview of his career: Danny interviewed Steve about Gone Home while they played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a map that is a perfect recreation of the Gone Home house. See & hear Steve discuss the subtleties of environmental storytelling and emotional pacing while pulling off sick headshots. It’s a first.

Thanks again everyone who’s picked up Gone Home on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! We’re so happy to have it out to players all around the world. Thanks for playing!

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