GDC Roundup!

Alright, we’re back and we’ve caught our breath– time to give you the rundown on our first GDC as The Fullbright Company!

We had a great time showing people Gone Home at our IGF booth. We met so many smart developers that shared their thoughts with us. It was the first time Gone Home was out in a public place, so it was a new experience for us.

Want to see the booth in action? A photographer from the New York Times stopped by and grabbed this photo:

GDC NYT photo

You can read the full New York Times article here: Indies are taking over!

I also talked to Tracey Lien from Polygon. It was an in-depth conversation about what Gone Home is, and what our aims are in making the game:

Speaking of chatting with folks, I sat down with Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb and we gabbed about the game, the showfloor, and probably Patrick’s busted arm:

We were also honored to find that Paste Magazine included us in their 10 Favorite Games of GDC. Very honored, in fact, since they put us in the top slot on the list!

Leigh Alexander had a very emotional GDC, and we’re proud to have been part of it. “When I played Gone Home I had the stunning realization that there could be a game for me.”

We had an amazing, incredible, unforgettable GDC. Thank you to everyone who came to the booth and played the game and talked to us and just reinforced all the passion and excitement we have for making games. Can’t wait til we get to see you all again!


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