News reaches us that some people had an awesome weekend– specifically, those that got to attend the Rezzed Game Show in Birmingham, UK!

Rezzed is a gaming expo focused entirely on PC and indie games, put on by the good people at Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Lots of awesome stuff was shown there this year including Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Hotline Miami 2, Prison Architect, Surgeon Simulator 2013, and more. We were lucky enough to have Gone Home selected as part of the Leftfield Collection, a section of the expo dedicated to smaller and more experimental indie games.


Sadly for us, we weren’t able to attend in person, what with the cost of travel and us trying to get the game finished. But one awesome thing about the Leftfield Collection is that the Rezzed organizers do all the hard work of setting up the demo stations and keeping them running, meaning all you have to do is send them a build, and people on the showfloor will have the chance to play. We conscripted a few of our friends in the UK– Phillipe Bosher, Emma Smith, and Aubrey Hesselgren— to chat with players and keep the booth running smoothly. They also marked up our booths with a nice hand-drawn version of the Gone Home logo, and the twitter handles of the game and the team:

(for the record, that’s @GoneHomeGame, @fullbright, @zusty, @koalaparty, and @johnnemann)

So while we regret being unable to show up ourselves, we were incredibly excited to have attendees of the show get their hands on Gone Home. In fact, this weekend was the first time the game had been available at a big event open to the general public. And we hear it went really well!

There were two demo stations running Gone Home, and we’re told they were in constant use throughout both days of the show, sometimes with quite the queue of people waiting to play (sorry if you had a long wait in front of you! We appreciate your patience!) We also had some swag to give away, in the form of lapel pins, postcards, and a few fridge magnets that apparently disappeared quite quickly:


We’ve gotten a ton of nice tweets and emails from people that discovered Gone Home at the expo:

So a huge thank you again to everyone that came out to Rezzed and tried Gone Home, and to the organizers and our friends who made it all possible! Here’s hoping we’ll be there in person for next year’s show!

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4 Responses to Rezzed!

  1. Dean says:

    Dang, I want some of those buttons! Have you thought of selling some merch?

    • Steve says:

      We have THOUGHT about it… we have not really done the legwork to figure out the best solution yet. But we will at some point!

    • Aubrey says:

      I have all the leftovers. Get in contact (twitter dm @hilariouscow )and we can sort something! Err, I’m not about to charge you, obv, but if it’s easy enough to send, shouldn’t be tough to get you a pin or two.

      • Dean says:

        Wow, really? Thanks Aubrey and Steve! Apparently DMs can only be sent to people who follow you, so I can’t send you something there unless you start a message with me @drdeandarko

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