Patch 1.01 now available

Hi all,

In the week+ since launch, we’ve been doing some work to fix a number of small bugs in the game. By volume, most of these fixes are for bugs with the localization system (text not being replaced properly when translated.) We also replaced a few fonts in English and other languages to make them a better size or more readable. Additionally we added optional command lines to run the game via alternate rendering paths, as a workaround for the rare bug where lights don’t render in game (ie the house looks pitch dark all the time.)

Please see the patch notes below for a full list of fixes, and a list of all the new/changed localization text that will need to be added if you have started a fan translation. If you bought the game on Steam it should be updated already; if you bought it on Humble, please visit your download page to grab the new version.

Thanks for playing!

Gone Home v1.01 Patch Notes

-Dice texture updated for accuracy.
-Special Thanks updated to include landlords.
-Soda can label oz math fixed.
-Dates updated in Ghost Hunter logbook for timeline accuracy.
-Fixed a few other dates/days in text and images.
-User can now use command lines to enter alternate rendering modes as a workaround for driver bug that causes dynamic lights not to draw. Run game with command line switch “-ForwardRendering” or “-VertexLit” to force alternate rendering modes.
-Replaced SecondaryFont with more legible font.
-Disabled audio debugging on some audio sources.
-Fixed “Daniel” audio diary subtitles for accuracy to text.
-Can no longer unlock basement safe without needing combination by crouching and getting extremely close to it.
-Fixed Terrence’s last name in Oscar’s will layover text.
-Updated Russian and Korean fonts to be smaller.
-Added playerblocker behind garbage can in Servant’s Quarters to ensure player cannot get stuck.
-Fixed collision in East Hall Closet and on threshold of Sam’s room to prevent player’s view from clipping through floor.
-Fixed issue causing some map room labels not to be localized.
-Fixed Modifiers page not being localized.
-Fixed Crouch Style pulldown not localizing properly.
-“Or” in procedurally formatted player command text is now localized.
-Toggle switches (ie faucets and certain other interactables) now have all interact states properly localized.
-First digit of combination lock UI now properly highlights when UI is opened.

If you have started a Fan Translation, the following lines must be added onto the end of your [language].txt file and translated:

New strings:
“A Very Long Phase” = “A Very Long Phase”
“Big Gold Star” = “Big Gold Star”
“Dealing With Roots” = “Dealing With Roots”
“Hanging Out With Girls” = “Hanging Out With Girls”
“In The Attic” = “In The Attic”
“Just Gone” = “Just Gone”
“Meow meow, meow” = “Meow meow, meow”
“Stick With The Group” = “Stick With The Group”
“Where I Need To Be” = “Where I Need To Be”
Apr. 22, 1995 = Apr. 22, 1995
Aug. 30, 1994 = Aug. 30, 1994
Mar. 11, 1995 = Mar. 11, 1995
May 1, 1995 = May 1, 1995
Mitten’s Journal – “Meow meow, meow” = Mitten’s Journal – “Meow meow, meow”
Oct. 22, 1994 = Oct. 22, 1994
Oct. 3, 1994 = Oct. 3, 1994
or = or
Sam’s Journal – “A Very Long Phase” = Sam’s Journal – “A Very Long Phase”
Sam’s Journal – “Big Gold Star” = Sam’s Journal – “Big Gold Star”
Sam’s Journal – “Dealing With Roots” = Sam’s Journal – “Dealing With Roots”
Sam’s Journal – “Hanging Out With Girls” = Sam’s Journal – “Hanging Out With Girls”
Sam’s Journal – “In The Attic” = Sam’s Journal – “In The Attic”
Sam’s Journal – “Just Gone” = Sam’s Journal – “Just Gone”
Sam’s Journal – “Stick With The Group” = Sam’s Journal – “Stick With The Group”
Sam’s Journal – “Where I Need To Be” = Sam’s Journal – “Where I Need To Be”
Sept. 13, 1994 = Sept. 13, 1994
Turn faucet off = Turn faucet off
Turn off = Turn off

Changed strings:
JFK President: US + USSR\n\nCoalition? = JFK President: US + USSR\n\nCoalition?

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4 Responses to Patch 1.01 now available

  1. drdeandarko says:

    This isn’t exactly a bug, but I’d be very interested in seeing it improved. When you leave audio playing and you move away from it, it doesn’t seem to change the volume realistically and makes it seem like the audio is EXTREMELY loud. I’m mainly talking about the cassettes you find. If I leave it playing and close a door and walk to the other room, it sounds about just as loud as if I were a few feet away – seems like the game doesn’t take into consideration the boundaries of the house (walls, etc.) I can see this being VERY difficult to fix from a technical point of view, but just a note. I feel this is also similar with the rain sound effects. They do not seem more muffled when I go to the basement or other rooms in the house that are farther from the windows/doors. Thanks.

    • Steve says:

      Maybe in our next game! We weren’t able to invest in a high-detail audio occlusion system for Gone Home, but tried to work around it best we could.

  2. “Changed strings: JFK President: US + USSR\n\nCoalition? = JFK President: US + USSR\n \nCoalition?”:

    Which string was changed? I searched in English.txt and found string:
    Coalition? = Coalition?

    Is this the string that changed?

    • Steve says:

      You should just be able to paste the updated version at the end of your language.txt, translate it, and it should written. Don’t worry about replacing the old string.

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