Spike VGX Nominations, and Steam’s Autumn Sale!

Hi all!

It’s been an exciting month or so. First of all, a week or two ago we found out that we are nominated for THREE Spike VGX Awards! The VGX is the newly-rebranded version of the Spike VGAs, which you may have seen on TV in years past. This year Gone Home is nominated for Best PC Game and Best Independent Game, and The Fullbright Company is nominated for Studio of the Year (alongside Irrational Games, Naughty Dog, and Rockstar North!!) This is really, really incredible for us. The VGX will air all day at http://www.spike.com/vgx on December 7. Tune in to see whether we walk away with any statues…!

Secondly, now is an awesome time to grab Gone Home (for yourself or a friend!) on Steam, Humble, or straight from us at www.gonehomegame.com! It’s the Autumn Sale from now until Dec 3, and Gone Home is available for 50% off its normal price. Thanks so much to everybody who’s bought and played Gone Home– and for everybody that will during this awesome sale!

Happy Thanksgiving, and talk to you again soon,


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5 Responses to Spike VGX Nominations, and Steam’s Autumn Sale!

  1. Dan says:

    Looks like an awesome game, unfortunately I’m in limbo until I can track down the USB driver that is conflicting with the game code. It thinks I have a xbox 360 controller plugged in even though the only cables comming out of my box is for my mouse, keyboards, screen, power and speakers.

  2. Hey guys, just finished Gone Home. I utterly adored it. I also absolutely never rush to the developer’s website after I finish a game, no matter how good, to heap praise on them, so feel extra special! You’ve created a wonderful story that simply could not be told as well in any other medium. Interactive fiction at its finest. Well done!

  3. ihavechosentostayandfight says:

    Jeebus! You’re up against ‘The Stanley Parable’ and ‘Papers, Please’ in both game categories? Stiff competition. Mixed feelings city. I want you to win, but I have to admit, TSB was really good, and PP has gotten a lot of love from reviewers. Bah. No, I still want you to win. Because honestly, we need more game narratives like yours.

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