Holiday reading: a pile of press coverage!

A couple of weeks ago, The Fullbright Company all headed down to San Francisco to let the press go hands-on with Gone Home. We were lucky enough to be able to use the Idle Thumbs office to show off the game and chat with journalists. We thought it went really well– but don’t take our word for it! The write-ups of the event have been coming online over the course of this week. In case you missed any (or didn’t know we’d done a preview event at all!) we’ll round up the articles here.

Along with the hands-on time, we had a lot of great discussions with the journalists who came by, getting into the philosophical side of Gone Home. It was awesome digging into the questions that arose from just half an hour with the game. Hope you enjoy reading the coverage as much as we enjoyed putting on the event!

Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku)
This Game Doesn’t Need Guns Or Explosions To Make You Care. Just A House.

Nathan Grayson (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Interview with the team, Part 1:
Interview, Part 2:

Maxwell McGee (GameSpot)
The Tale of Urban Exploration in Gone Home (VIDEO PREVIEW!):

Charles Onyett (IGN)
Gone Home is Undiluted Adventure:

Jeffrey Matulef (Eurogamer)
Gone Home transports players back to 1995:

Tom Francis (PC Gamer UK)
“Warm, funny and disarmingly tender”:

Rob Zacny (PCGamesN)
“In many ways, this could be the house where I grew up, and that’s what makes Gone Home’s mystery so much more compelling.”

Evan Lahti (PC Gamer)
Interview with the team:

Marty Sliva (1Up)
“So much of who we are can be extracted through a close examination of the things we surround ourselves with, and the things we choose to hide from the world. I’ve never before experienced this in a video game, and honestly, I never thought I would.”

We’ll update this post (and the Press page) as more coverage trickles in!

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3 Responses to Holiday reading: a pile of press coverage!

  1. First – congrats on the great coverage, and the game looks awesome!

    Second – I must admit as a fellow indie, I admire how adept you guys are at the PR thing. You setup an event, invited people – people played the game, people wrote about it.

    It makes me think that perhaps I’ve been over-thinking things a bit 😉

    • Steve says:

      Thanks man! Yeah we were really just ripping off the way a preview event was done when we were at 2K Marin. AAA can teach you things! But it all comes down to what you have to show, and having a place to show it (we were also lucky to be friends with the Idle Thumbs guys, who let us use their office for a couple of days as a demo space.)

      Good luck with your stuff!

      • Yeah AAA is a great launching pad for the indie life! Unfortunately I didn’t learn much about this PR stuff in my 8 years in the trenches – but we’re catching up fast!

        I think reading this has convinced us that we need to go to Pax or something, haha!
        Thanks for the encouragement.

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