Exploring a Portland Landmark’s Past

A couple of weeks ago, the Fullbright team was invited by Cabel Sasser of Panic Inc. to visit the basement of the building their servers are housed in. Which sounds like an odd proposition, until you know that their servers reside in one of the oldest highrises in Portland, which fills an entire city block, and hosts a fascinating history all its own.

The building was erected in 1917, and has been in continuous operation since. One of its earliest functions was to house the offices of The Oregonian Newspaper, the printing presses for which were found in the basement that we would be exploring. The presses are long gone, but what was left behind was truly fascinating.

This trip was a massive dose of real-life environmental storytelling and has been a huge inspiration for us. Check out Cabel’s post on our excursion to see what we discovered… http://cabel.me/2012/12/19/the-basement/

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  1. cherie gaynor says:

    This was really interesting.  I read the whole article.    Do they give public tours?  Thanks.

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