Riot Grrrl Style Now

We have an exciting announcement to make… in the form of a brand new Gone Home trailer!!

(or check it out on YouTube)

That’s right– we’re proud to announce that Gone Home will feature the music of original ’90s Riot Grrrl bands Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile!

A big part of teenhood is being introduced to new music and art that broadens your horizons and makes you see the world differently. For Samantha Greenbriar in Gone Home, that music is Riot Grrrl, an indie feminist punk scene that started in Olympia, Washington in the early ’90s. So we’re just incredibly excited to be able to put some of that actual, authentic music into Gone Home, so you can hear what Sam heard– the music that fuels a friendship that will change her life.

FYI: the song in the trailer is “Some Special” by Bratmobile. Gone Home will feature six tracks total from the albums Pottymouth by Bratmobile and Calculated by Heavens to Betsy. (Heavens to Betsy, btw, was the first band fronted by Corin Tucker, who would go on to form Sleater-Kinney with Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss. So, one more thing to be psyched about.)

We’re gearing up for GDC around here, but I’ll leave you with a few new screenshots to accompany the trailer:

Basement MovieTicket Bedroom Zine

See you in San Francisco!!

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17 Responses to Riot Grrrl Style Now

  1. George says:

    Did you see this doc that showed up on Youtube recently, Steve? Seems like Lonnie would fit right in!

    • Steve says:

      Yes indeed! It’s great. Really awesome to see a document like that magically appear online while we’re working on Gone Home!

      • George says:

        I really like the choice of a painterly photo over a more realistic approach. Seeing the aesthetic choices you guys have made, like the music and portraits, make me even more excited to get my hands on Gone Home!

  2. Caroline says:

    The game’s looking better and better every time I see it. I’m looking forward to when I can finally get my hands on it!

  3. Anjin says:

    So incredibly excited for this game. Can you make it any cooler than this? I don’t think so.

  4. Sam says:

    Can’t wait! WON’T WAIT.

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  8. What a visual leap since we last saw it, great job! I like the soft lighting and matte materials you guys have gone for with the shaders, it sidesteps a lot of the more plasticy aesthetics first person games often have. How did you decide how to make a trailer to represent the game? Must be tricky when one of the strengths seems to be narrative and atmosphere built up over time, rather than explicit moments or events.

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  10. Hey Steve

    Great trailer! Can’t wait to play it.

    Regards Lee

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Dean says:

    Wow, this game seems like one big flashback to the ’90s for me. You might as well rename it to Nostalgia: The Game.

    Will you be having the effect when you hover over an object optional? It’s really bothering me, I hope it’s toggleable.

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