Gone Home is Available NOW!


On STEAM! And through OUR WEBSITE!

We’re overjoyed!! More soon!!

Thanks so much for playing!!!

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20 Responses to Gone Home is Available NOW!

  1. Ichael Roess says:

    Congrats guy! ~fromiceland

  2. drdeandarko says:

    Aw yeaaah, it’s finally here. 🙂

  3. tokensonly says:

    Love what I’ve seen of the game so far, but it really feels like the Oculus Rift would be a perfect fit for this. Given that this is a Unity game–which has engine level Oculus support–is there any chance of seeing Rift integration?

  4. Hey guys,

    Just played your game (was heavily recommended to me by some industry buddies). By far the best game experience I’ve had all year. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game since I was a teenager where I was brought to tears by the story. Thanks for giving me my childhood back, if even for only a brief time. It felt great to experience a lack of cynicism for once.

  5. Scott says:

    I also just finished the game. What an amazing blend of nostalgia and tugging at my heart-strings. A beautifully, beautifully crafted world with a great story to tell. Fantastic attention to detail, and a real standout in a sea of AAA-title sequels. Hope you guys sell many, many, many copies!!!

  6. hesh says:

    I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and keep up the good work, I loved the game and I hope you guys will continue making these wonderful games.

  7. Kristov says:

    I am amazed. I saw it on Steam yesterday…”What…Bratmobile?!? How cool is that?”
    This is by far the most memorable game I played in a long time. Keep up the good work,
    may you sell many, many copies.

  8. Sean says:

    Has there been an update for the folks such as myself who have purchased the game but it crashes immediately upon startup? I’ve been following the steam forum and it looks like the programmers are aware of the situation; but no fixes yet.

    I hope we can have an update soon because I hear nothing but great things!

    • Steve says:

      We are working on it for sure. Hoping to have a fix soon, but it’s still being investigated. Thanks for your patience.

  9. SomethingAwfulGoon says:

    Hey Im boycotting your game just so you know. This has as much effect as a game developer not going to pax

  10. drdeandarko says:

    Do you think you will be able to add multiple save games in a future update? My brother has to wait for me to finish the game as there’s only one save slot.

    On another note, I absolutely didn’t expect any replay value for GH, but I’m about two hours into it so far and already want to replay it again to see what I missed and to enjoy the narrative again. A brilliant game so far, definitely unique. I hope it gets as much praise and attention as it deserves.

    • Steve says:

      Sadly we won’t be supporting multiple save slots in the future. However if you wanted to copy your saves to a different directory, new ones would be added when your brother played without breaking your saves. Alternately they are saved in the User directory on Windows, so if you made a separate Windows User login, that should generate separate saves and options for each profile.

  11. KingVrox says:

    I’d just like to thank you guys for that great experience. One of the best Ive had in a while. So thanks, and good luck on your future endeavors.

  12. Rusted Bird says:

    Hey, guys.
    First of all I wanted to that I’ve been monitoring this (well, it’s hard to tell the word of “game”, so I’ll skip it, kay?) for some quite time and I’m truly amazed how wonderful it is. It was one of the most heartwelcoming experience of the year (if not the most). It’s a wonderful thing how things can tell whole stories about people. It’s hit the right spot (personally for me) since the childhood I was exploring my flat (a rather tiny 2 rooms and kitchen), expecting a revelations.
    Next thing I wanted to tell – I think that’s in some part “Gone Home” is a must play for parents (I even see it as a modern follow-up to “Breakfast Club” in term of teenagery – oh, does English have such word? 0_0).
    And third – I think in some sense it’s a retro-modern-scope for my country (it’s Russia btw). It’s a well example of how disastrous can be misunderstanding of a human thought (especially a young one) and not accepting it (differences). So, if I had my former influence (bad example of word I guess; but I’m a former editor in chief for DVD-media for one of the lead russian videogame magazines) I’ve try to do this example of art the best review as I can.
    Anyway, I hope that you gained as much praise for “Gone home” as you should (I’m gonna buy second copy just as a token of appreciation).

  13. Gina Fields says:

    I’m having the same problem as the the person who commented earlier. I purchased and then downloaded the game yesterday from Steam but when I hit play the screen goes black with only a spinning circle in the screen. Looks like its trying to start but just keeps spinning. When I hit escape the screen goes back to start with a brief error message “OOPS!. The game crashed”. The crash report folder says “2013_8_15_170126 next to game executable says “It would be great if you sent it to the developer of the game!” Very strange and frustrating. Having no problems with other games I’ve purchased and downloaded on Steam. Hope you all can find a fix soon. The game looks interesting. Can’t wait to play!

    • Johnnemann says:

      Hi Gina,

      We have just created a new Technical Support page here: http://thefullbrightcompany.com/technical-support/ Please check that for possible workarounds. However, we do have a known problem for some number of users with a black screen on startup – we’re in contact with Unity to try to find a solution.


  14. crazyguzz says:

    Great project!

    You all* did an amazing job.
    *really, all of you: from the level design, to art style, to voice acting, to writing, to mechanics, to coding (optimized and zero crashes) did a fantastic job.

    I can’t wait to see what your team produces in the future.

    PS: I hope you’re still getting royalties, because Minerva’s Den is next.

  15. tehmillhouse says:

    I just played through Gone Home in a single session and I still have tears running down my face. Just… wow. I don’t know what to say. Gone Home is beautiful. The music, the feeling, the voice acting, the visuals… it’s all so perfect. Thank you so much for this game.

  16. I love this game so much I bought a second copy for a friend. I have been telling anyone who will listen how amazing it is. I hope you get all the monies so you can make more like it. Thank you for your work.

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