Gone Home Commentary Mode! Soundtrack! And BIG discount!

Hi all!

We were going to do two cool announcements today, but then we thoughts, why just stick with two… we’re going for three!!

1! First off, something we’ve been working on for a little while now, Commentary Mode, is now included in Gone Home! This is a FREE update, and if you’re playing the game on Steam, is available RIGHT NOW!


(Commentary Mode is currently making its way onto the Humble and Mac App Store servers– your patience is appreciated.) Commentary Mode is more than an hour and a half (!) of new behind-the-scenes audio content from the Fullbright team, plus Sarah Grayson, the voice of Sam, Chris Remo, the composer of the original score, and Corin Tucker, lead singer of Heavens to Betsy (and Sleater-Kinney and holy crap we can’t believe she agreed to talk to us!!) So yeah! Once your copy is updated, start a New Game, enable Commentary Mode from the Modifiers menu, and enjoy! We’re really excited to see what people think of all these hot scoops from behind the scenes of Gone Home.

2! Speaking of Chris Remo’s original score (affectionately known as the GH:OST, or Gone Home Original SoundTrack), the album is now available at Chris’s page on Bandcamp!


The score includes all of the audio diary music, plus the game’s introduction, and multiple versions of the ambiences from the game. It did wonders for the tone and feel of the game, and sounds great on its own. If you’ve wanted to hear these pieces in all their unmitigated glory, now’s your chance! Thanks again to Chris for his amazing music.

3! Let’s say you haven’t actually bought Gone Home yet. Let’s say you were maybe, waiting for a discount? Well now’s your chance!! Gone Home is 50% off in Steam’s Midweek Madness sale, as well as on www.gonehomegame.com and in the Mac App Store! But it’ll only be on sale for the next 48 hours, so now’s your chance to experience Gone Home if you haven’t yet (or grab a gift copy for that friend who’s been dragging their feet.) Thanks again to everybody who’s bought Gone Home and made the game such a success. It’s been really amazing. And spread the word about the sale! We really appreciate it!

Phew! That was a lot of news. Think we’re going to go have a little lie-down. But enjoy Commentary Mode, Chris’s soundtrack, and Midweek Madness in our absence. Thanks again everybody!!

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7 Responses to Gone Home Commentary Mode! Soundtrack! And BIG discount!

  1. tychocelchuuu says:

    Sweet! I was wondering why Steam started downloading a bunch of stuff for Gone Home and this cleared it right up.

  2. drdeandarko says:

    Wow, I have some Sleater Kinney albums and didn’t even realize Corin Tucker was in Gone Home in some form. GH is the perfect game to have a commentary mode, definitely going to try it out later. Thanks for putting it in.

    • Steve says:

      Yeah! It was super exciting to have her music in the game, and get to talk to her. Hope you dig Commentary Mode!

  3. Isaac Wilkins says:

    Hi Steve, really enjoyed my first play-through (walk-through?) of “Gone Home” and am about to dig into Commentary Mode.

    I’m fascinated with the intersection of narrative and interaction and I love the way you guys are exploring it in such a beautiful way.

  4. Adrian says:

    Hi all

    When will the commentary mode be available for Humble Bundle buyers?


    • Steve says:

      Hi Adrian. Commentary currently is available via Humble. Just return to your download link and grab the new installer.

      • Adrian says:

        Thank you, I went there initially but didn’t see any special note so I thought that is the old installer. I will download it now.

        Thanks for a great game.

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