Updates: Audio Award, Minerva’s Den, New Translations, and EDGE!

Hi all!

It’s been another busy few weeks. Some exciting stuff has gone on!

IndieCade Audio Award!

We attended IndieCade 2013 in LA, where Gone Home was a Finalist in their yearly awards. And we were humbled to be the recipients of the Audio Award at their awards show! So much of the credit here goes to the amazing performance by Sarah Grayson as Sam, and to Chris Remo who composed our original score, as well as to Sarah Elmaleh who introduces you to Gone Home as the voice of Katie, and our friend Foley for helping us gather authentic antique sounds as our audio sherpa! All of the IndieCade award trophies were hand-crafted from found objects, and then the winners were given bags of magnetic features to customize their award. Here’s how our little guy looked at the end of the night:

Thanks again to all the organizers at IndieCade, and the judges who played and voted on all the finalists!

Minerva’s Den

In their former lives as AAA game developers, Steve, Karla and Johnnemann worked together on the Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2. And, in a surprising (and very exciting!) development, the DLC is finally available on Steam, after having been stuck on GFWL for years. We’re so glad that more people will get to play something we’re very proud of. Check it out on Steam, and check out this even better news– if you’ve already bought BioShock 2 on Steam, another digital platform, or at retail, you will automatically receive Minerva’s Den for FREE! (Ff you’ve never bought BioShock 2 before, you still have to buy the DLC separately.) So, give it a look if you haven’t. And thanks for playing!

New Translations

We’re very excited to share that new fan translations of Gone Home are now available! Our very first Russian translation, as well as an additional French translation, can now be downloaded via our Localization page. It’s so exciting for us to know that more people can play Gone Home in their native language. Thanks again to the fans for their hard work translating the game!

EDGE Studio Profile

One last thing: we’re honored to be the subject of the Studio Profile in this month’s EDGE Magazine! EDGE is a real institution in the world of video game journalism, and we’re so proud to have been a part of their magazine. Head to a newsstand (in the real world, or on your digital publication vendor of choice) and grab EDGE 259 to find out more about The Fullbright Company and how Gone Home was made.

Thanks again for sticking with us, everybody– we’ll have more exciting stuff to announce real soon.


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