Gone Home Commentary Mode! Soundtrack! And BIG discount!

Hi all!

We were going to do two cool announcements today, but then we thoughts, why just stick with two… we’re going for three!!

1! First off, something we’ve been working on for a little while now, Commentary Mode, is now included in Gone Home! This is a FREE update, and if you’re playing the game on Steam, is available RIGHT NOW!


(Commentary Mode is currently making its way onto the Humble and Mac App Store servers– your patience is appreciated.) Commentary Mode is more than an hour and a half (!) of new behind-the-scenes audio content from the Fullbright team, plus Sarah Grayson, the voice of Sam, Chris Remo, the composer of the original score, and Corin Tucker, lead singer of Heavens to Betsy (and Sleater-Kinney and holy crap we can’t believe she agreed to talk to us!!) So yeah! Once your copy is updated, start a New Game, enable Commentary Mode from the Modifiers menu, and enjoy! We’re really excited to see what people think of all these hot scoops from behind the scenes of Gone Home.

2! Speaking of Chris Remo’s original score (affectionately known as the GH:OST, or Gone Home Original SoundTrack), the album is now available at Chris’s page on Bandcamp!


The score includes all of the audio diary music, plus the game’s introduction, and multiple versions of the ambiences from the game. It did wonders for the tone and feel of the game, and sounds great on its own. If you’ve wanted to hear these pieces in all their unmitigated glory, now’s your chance! Thanks again to Chris for his amazing music.

3! Let’s say you haven’t actually bought Gone Home yet. Let’s say you were maybe, waiting for a discount? Well now’s your chance!! Gone Home is 50% off in Steam’s Midweek Madness sale, as well as on www.gonehomegame.com and in the Mac App Store! But it’ll only be on sale for the next 48 hours, so now’s your chance to experience Gone Home if you haven’t yet (or grab a gift copy for that friend who’s been dragging their feet.) Thanks again to everybody who’s bought Gone Home and made the game such a success. It’s been really amazing. And spread the word about the sale! We really appreciate it!

Phew! That was a lot of news. Think we’re going to go have a little lie-down. But enjoy Commentary Mode, Chris’s soundtrack, and Midweek Madness in our absence. Thanks again everybody!!

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Updates: Audio Award, Minerva’s Den, New Translations, and EDGE!

Hi all!

It’s been another busy few weeks. Some exciting stuff has gone on!

IndieCade Audio Award!

We attended IndieCade 2013 in LA, where Gone Home was a Finalist in their yearly awards. And we were humbled to be the recipients of the Audio Award at their awards show! So much of the credit here goes to the amazing performance by Sarah Grayson as Sam, and to Chris Remo who composed our original score, as well as to Sarah Elmaleh who introduces you to Gone Home as the voice of Katie, and our friend Foley for helping us gather authentic antique sounds as our audio sherpa! All of the IndieCade award trophies were hand-crafted from found objects, and then the winners were given bags of magnetic features to customize their award. Here’s how our little guy looked at the end of the night:

Thanks again to all the organizers at IndieCade, and the judges who played and voted on all the finalists!

Minerva’s Den

In their former lives as AAA game developers, Steve, Karla and Johnnemann worked together on the Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2. And, in a surprising (and very exciting!) development, the DLC is finally available on Steam, after having been stuck on GFWL for years. We’re so glad that more people will get to play something we’re very proud of. Check it out on Steam, and check out this even better news– if you’ve already bought BioShock 2 on Steam, another digital platform, or at retail, you will automatically receive Minerva’s Den for FREE! (Ff you’ve never bought BioShock 2 before, you still have to buy the DLC separately.) So, give it a look if you haven’t. And thanks for playing!

New Translations

We’re very excited to share that new fan translations of Gone Home are now available! Our very first Russian translation, as well as an additional French translation, can now be downloaded via our Localization page. It’s so exciting for us to know that more people can play Gone Home in their native language. Thanks again to the fans for their hard work translating the game!

EDGE Studio Profile

One last thing: we’re honored to be the subject of the Studio Profile in this month’s EDGE Magazine! EDGE is a real institution in the world of video game journalism, and we’re so proud to have been a part of their magazine. Head to a newsstand (in the real world, or on your digital publication vendor of choice) and grab EDGE 259 to find out more about The Fullbright Company and how Gone Home was made.

Thanks again for sticking with us, everybody– we’ll have more exciting stuff to announce real soon.


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Updates: IGN, Fantastic Fest, Indiecade, and initial sales numbers

Hi all!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks, and we wanted to update the blog with some goings-on you may have missed!

First off, Steve went down to San Francisco the other week to talk with the fine folks at IGN. In fact, IGN’s Greg Miller dubbed it “Gone Home Week,” and new video content went up day after day. On Monday Steve was on Up at Noon, where he was the interview guest of the week. Then on Wednesday he and Greg did a developer walkthrough of the game, sharing some insights and secrets about Gone Home. Finally on Friday Steve was the guest on the Game Scoop Spoilercast, where any and every plot detail of the game was up for discussion. Thanks again to Greg and the rest of the crew at IGN for having us, and putting together so much awesome video content about Gone Home!

Secondly, if you’re in Los Angeles or Austin, TX in the coming weeks, you’ll have a chance to play Gone Home at a couple of festivals, and maybe run into the developers! We’re very excited to be part of the Fantastic Arcade at Fantastic Fest in Austin from Sept. 19-22, and to be Finalists at Indiecade in Los Angeles, to be held Oct. 3-6! We want to thank the festival organizers for including Gone Home in their programs. We can’t wait to be part of these awesome events! Hope you’ll get a chance to stop in if you’ll be in the area– the playable sections of both festivals are free and open to the public, so come on down!

Finally, those sales numbers we mentioned in the title. We’re happy to announce that between Steam and our own website Gone Home has sold more than 50,000 copies since launch. We’re now almost a month out since launching on August 15, and we hope people will find it encouraging to know that, along with the positive critical response we are continually grateful for and humbled by, we are also doing alright as far as sales numbers go!

Thanks again to everybody that has played the game, shared their thoughts, and just supported us in general. Look forward to more exciting news soon!

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Flowery Language

When I initially started thinking about the house on Arbor Hill, I did a fair amount of online and library based research about Victorian houses. As the house was built in 1898 during the declining years of the Victorian era, it felt fitting to include damask wallpaper, somber colours, deep wood tones and organic/floral elements – the last of which sent me down a deep rabbit hole of Victorian symbolism.

Floriography, aka the language of flowers, is a pretty nonsensical language, really. Most things that try to establish hard and fast rules for symbolism usually are, and so where one resource might say authoritatively, ‘daffodils refer to chivalry’, another would say ‘no no, my friend, they mean fame or lost love or… take your pick.’ Some flowers are a little more defined, e.g. red roses and their connection with love. Columbine, a very graphic and lovely little flower, consistently gets a bad rap, saddled with ‘deceived lovers, ingratitude, faithlessness’ – it’s even used as a burn in Hamlet when Ophelia hands it to the scoundrel King Claudius, thank you grade ten English.

Even so, early on I tried to establish a symbolic flower for each member of the house, and that motif would become a background element where an important story element was going to happen for said character. Game making is a fickle beast though, and the need to reuse assets in places where the motif would make little to no sense would only muddy the symbolism. Not to mention that the story was tweaked throughout production, and clear visual language is important. These days, the iris bedspread in the parent’s room serves as an awful 90’s decorative element, and not a sneaky clue about the nature of relationship, unfortunately. Lofty, romantic environment artist ambitions, meet practicality and time constraints.

Rue, however, is still the main floral motif throughout the house, it’s one that I think applies to all characters in some capacity. Its symbolism is almost universally centered around regret and repentance, which is admittedly a bummer, but the story in Gone Home is ultimately hopeful, about love and moving forward. The common rue flower motif can be found in the greenhouse door handle, the staircase knoll posts, the detailing in the closet woodworking and the front door stained glass.


Later in production, the wheat motif took greater importance throughout the house as well (see above the stairs, on the kitchen shelf and the dining room table), and while it doesn’t refer to a particular emotion or attribute, it is a slight nod to the brewing and alcohol industry that helped establish the Masan family fortune at the turn of the last century, and to the prohibition story beats in Gone Home.

Thanks for reading!

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Patch 1.01 now available

Hi all,

In the week+ since launch, we’ve been doing some work to fix a number of small bugs in the game. By volume, most of these fixes are for bugs with the localization system (text not being replaced properly when translated.) We also replaced a few fonts in English and other languages to make them a better size or more readable. Additionally we added optional command lines to run the game via alternate rendering paths, as a workaround for the rare bug where lights don’t render in game (ie the house looks pitch dark all the time.)

Please see the patch notes below for a full list of fixes, and a list of all the new/changed localization text that will need to be added if you have started a fan translation. If you bought the game on Steam it should be updated already; if you bought it on Humble, please visit your download page to grab the new version.

Thanks for playing!

Gone Home v1.01 Patch Notes

-Dice texture updated for accuracy.
-Special Thanks updated to include landlords.
-Soda can label oz math fixed.
-Dates updated in Ghost Hunter logbook for timeline accuracy.
-Fixed a few other dates/days in text and images.
-User can now use command lines to enter alternate rendering modes as a workaround for driver bug that causes dynamic lights not to draw. Run game with command line switch “-ForwardRendering” or “-VertexLit” to force alternate rendering modes.
-Replaced SecondaryFont with more legible font.
-Disabled audio debugging on some audio sources.
-Fixed “Daniel” audio diary subtitles for accuracy to text.
-Can no longer unlock basement safe without needing combination by crouching and getting extremely close to it.
-Fixed Terrence’s last name in Oscar’s will layover text.
-Updated Russian and Korean fonts to be smaller.
-Added playerblocker behind garbage can in Servant’s Quarters to ensure player cannot get stuck.
-Fixed collision in East Hall Closet and on threshold of Sam’s room to prevent player’s view from clipping through floor.
-Fixed issue causing some map room labels not to be localized.
-Fixed Modifiers page not being localized.
-Fixed Crouch Style pulldown not localizing properly.
-“Or” in procedurally formatted player command text is now localized.
-Toggle switches (ie faucets and certain other interactables) now have all interact states properly localized.
-First digit of combination lock UI now properly highlights when UI is opened.

If you have started a Fan Translation, the following lines must be added onto the end of your [language].txt file and translated:

New strings:
“A Very Long Phase” = “A Very Long Phase”
“Big Gold Star” = “Big Gold Star”
“Dealing With Roots” = “Dealing With Roots”
“Hanging Out With Girls” = “Hanging Out With Girls”
“In The Attic” = “In The Attic”
“Just Gone” = “Just Gone”
“Meow meow, meow” = “Meow meow, meow”
“Stick With The Group” = “Stick With The Group”
“Where I Need To Be” = “Where I Need To Be”
Apr. 22, 1995 = Apr. 22, 1995
Aug. 30, 1994 = Aug. 30, 1994
Mar. 11, 1995 = Mar. 11, 1995
May 1, 1995 = May 1, 1995
Mitten’s Journal – “Meow meow, meow” = Mitten’s Journal – “Meow meow, meow”
Oct. 22, 1994 = Oct. 22, 1994
Oct. 3, 1994 = Oct. 3, 1994
or = or
Sam’s Journal – “A Very Long Phase” = Sam’s Journal – “A Very Long Phase”
Sam’s Journal – “Big Gold Star” = Sam’s Journal – “Big Gold Star”
Sam’s Journal – “Dealing With Roots” = Sam’s Journal – “Dealing With Roots”
Sam’s Journal – “Hanging Out With Girls” = Sam’s Journal – “Hanging Out With Girls”
Sam’s Journal – “In The Attic” = Sam’s Journal – “In The Attic”
Sam’s Journal – “Just Gone” = Sam’s Journal – “Just Gone”
Sam’s Journal – “Stick With The Group” = Sam’s Journal – “Stick With The Group”
Sam’s Journal – “Where I Need To Be” = Sam’s Journal – “Where I Need To Be”
Sept. 13, 1994 = Sept. 13, 1994
Turn faucet off = Turn faucet off
Turn off = Turn off

Changed strings:
JFK President: US + USSR\n\nCoalition? = JFK President: US + USSR\n\nCoalition?

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